Vegan Meatball Sub

Hey Loves,

The one thing I used to really enjoy once in a blue moon when I ate meat was a good meatball sub. You know that freshly made meatball drenched in homemade tomato sauce topped with melted mozzarella cheese on a soft freshly made bun.

Well, luckily this vegan version tastes like the real deal.


Just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean you can enjoy yourself and make your own versions of foods you used to eat. This is one of those examples.

This meatball sub is a hit though. I’ve made it numerous times for my friends and family who eat meat and most of the time they can’t even tell the difference. That  is how you know it’s good. When a “meat eater” thinks it’s real meatballs.

I can’t take credit for the meatballs though because all I did was heat them up. If you haven’t tried any Gardein products, you are truly missing out! This brand is a complete life saver on days where you are in a rush and can’t cook or when you want to treat yourself to a nice meal. I’ll make a blog soon about my favourite Gardein products so stay tuned for that.

Meatball sub is so quick and easy to make.


Gardien Meatless Meatballs
A bun (store bought or homemade your choice)
Tomato Sauce (store bought or homemade your choice)
Cheese (store bought or homemade)


Put together your sub, throw it on tin foil, a pan or anything you use to heat food up until your cheese is melted. YUM!

Notes: follow instructions on back of Gardein bag to cook the meatless meatballs, also I made the vegan cheese which you can find the recipe in one of my pizza posts 🙂




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