Polenta Party

Polenta Party!

Yeah that’s right we decided to all get together at Jer’s condo in Toronto and have a polenta party! It was so great! You don’t often hear about polenta parties but it was so fun to sit there eat family style, talk, laugh and just have a good time. Such a cool experience.

There was a meat side, and then a vegan side for my girl Jess and I. So nice when people think of you and are able to accommodate the way you eat.

The meat polenta board was covered in homemade tomato sauce with sausage and meatballs.

The vegan side was plain polenta and then we had our own fresh sauce and topped it with toppings like pickled peppers, mushrooms and olives and then sprinkled it with daiya cheese. So good!


We went and chilled on the rooftop in his condo and had a gorgeous view of Toronto, we had dinner and drinks, after dinner we had dessert, laughed, talked. It was a really fantastic night and I can’t wait to do it again.

If your ever looking to do something different when you have a dinner get together try doing a polenta board it was a hit!



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