My Review On Batiste Cherry Fruity & Cheeky Dry Shampoo

Batiste Cherry Fruity & Cheeky Dry Shampoo



Scent  – 5 out of 5

Volume – 4 out of 5

Clean Hair – 5 out of 5


Sometimes life can get busy and lets face it, you don’t always have time to wash your hair and EVERY girl can relate to this!

For us curly hair girls, we’re not supposed to wash our hair everyday so having a good dry shampoo definitely helps when you want your hair feeling fresh.

Thank goodness they invented dry shampoo because it is a serious life saver especially when your on the go.

The smell is my favourite! Sweet fruity cherries! It smells really good and the best part is it’s not a powerful or overwhelming smell.

It’s really simple to use and you just spray it on your much needed areas or all over if you want that clean refreshing feeling. An added bonus is that it helps give you a little extra volume.

When you spray it there will be white powder but don’t worry it easily goes away when you work your hands through your hands.

What I love most about this product is that it’s not tested on animals and it’s suitable for vegans!

I absolutely love this product and this is my number one goto. The price is amazing too! So cheap and works wonders! I promise if you try this product you will fall in love and won’t be disappointed!



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