Afternoon On The Boat

Hey Loves,

Josh and I were invited by some friends to spend the afternoon and evening on their boat. All I have to say is WOW! What a fantastic time!

I’ve always said it, Norway is absolutely beautiful. We’ve been really lucky to call this place our “home” for almost 4 years now. On a sunny day, it’s stunning here!

The views were amazing and the company was great! Nothing like being able to hangout with some friends laughing, having a good time surrounded by beautiful scenery.

It was almost like having our own little private tour. We learned so much about the city and the ocean here. It was pretty cool!

I am incredibly blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. I love being able to explore and travel the world with my love, making new memories. It’s the best feeling!

To give you a better idea where we currently are in Norway. The city is located on a peninsula on the Southwest coast of Norway.

It’s pretty amazing that we are completely surrounded by the ocean. I love everything about it!



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