2016 Athlete Of The Year

I can’t hold in my excitement!

Josh won athlete of the year! He was running for the title with some great athletes like olympic medalists, soccer players and so on. Because of his hard work and dedication he out shined all of them. He is the first North American to ever win this title. What an honour. Over the years he has broken records and maintained a consistent level of great performance that comes with hard work and dedication to the game he loves. I know the Oilers are proud to have him as a player and we are proud to be apart of this great organization. Josh is truly an inspiration and I am so incredibly proud to be his wife and call him my husband

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“Soares is Athlete of the year. The people have spoken. This year’s sport name in 2016 is forward Josh Soares (34) in the Oilers. “


“Soares points king in 2015/2016. He was the league’s top scorer Get-year. Many argue the Canadian is the best player in Norwegian hockey.”


When Josh was nominated for Athlete Of The Year. We were really happy and excited about it, maybe me more than him. He’s so shy and modest about these things but this is the one time not to be in my eyes. In fact he didn’t even know about the nomination for a while until the moment he got interviewed by a news reporter. As his wife I can’t even tell you how proud of him I am. I have seen first hand how incredibly hard he works to produce, be a good player and be a role model. Not only is he the best forward in the league which I am not just saying that because I am his wife but I am saying this based on stats, accomplishments and broken records. He truly is the definition of a team player and does well in everything that comes his way. Nothing has ever come easy for him, he has had to sacrifice a lot to be where he is now and all of his accomplishments came from hard work and the love for the game. No amount of words can describe my happiness and how proud I am of my husband.

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For family and friends who have asked and are interested in this especially, here are some quotes and links for his nominations and winning the title of ” 2016 Athlete Of The Year” you can open the links in google chrome and it will automatically translate for you.

“Oilers point machine Josh Soares can not be forgotten. Series Gold, NM-gold and a point cut of 1.20 in calendar year telling story. He is perhaps the biggest star of the Oilers.”

Josh’s interview starts 6 minutes into the video in the link below.





  1. Josh
    January 13, 2017 / 3:52 pm

    Thanks for the kind words babe. You are my number one fan. I love you.

  2. thediaryofahockeywife
    January 13, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    forever and always your number one fan 🙂 hehe love you hunny

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